Embarking on Your Research-Tech Journey !

Embarking on Your Research-Tech Journey !

When it comes down to it, market research is very simple: find a market, ask it questions about products and services, then respond to its wants. Of course, this is an oversimplification, but there was a time when this was nearly true, and market research businesses had a remarkably straightforward job.

But with the advent of new technology, research, is becoming more  a far more sophisticated and ever-changing beast that needs continual monitoring and tracking to keep up with.

Keeping up isn't always enough, and to advance from a competent marketer to an industry leader, one needs to have need to have a strong understanding of structured and unstructured data and a  sense of what's coming up in the future and be willing to alter and adapt.

But how do you know what the future has in store for you? What's more, how can you know which fresh developments will fail? We will over the next few weeks compile a list of new technologies and developments  that we believe will have a significant impact on market research in the coming year. We will also offer podcasts to help you build relevant skills as we are committed to Research Tech For All.

 So stay tuned and watch out!